Take the Path Elements Personality Assessment

We start with personality and hard wiring because that is where it all began with you. When you were born you were given a unique fingerprint, voice, and personality. This was by design, not chance. We believe that your personality connects to your purpose.

Our path often leads us in ways that we don't fully understand. Sometimes even through a 'wilderness experience,' we can be shaped and refined to bring us to our best and fullest self. In that mixture we find our personality carved out as well.

There are a variety of personality tools that can bring insight into your personal hard wiring and identity. For thousands of years this has been a desire of the human species. They want to know what makes them tick and what makes others tick. You may have even taken several personality assessments yourself in search of understanding or looking for something that aligned for you and where you are in your life. We all want meaning. We want clarity. We want direction and a sense that we are on the right path.

This is why we designed the Path Elements Personality Assessment©. From the ground up we built a tool that was tied to intrinsic core values. These core values show up in our personalities. How we lead, play, organize, and communicate.

The Path Elements Personality Assessment tools are designed the way you think. Simple. Fun. Insightful. Sound.